Smoky Mountain DNA

Smoky Mountain DNA - Front Cover



Music legend Dolly Parton, in collaboration with Owepar Entertainment, is thrilled to announce an unprecedented exploration of her rich family heritage with the upcoming release of Dolly Parton & Family — Smoky Mountain DNA.

Smoky Mountain DNA shines a spotlight on the enduring legacy of two families—Dolly’s paternal Parton family and her maternal family, the Owens. Both families’ legacies are traced from their origins in the British Isles of the 1600s to their home today in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Through this release, audiences will discover the treasured heritage that has been preserved and echoed in the music and vibrant culture of Appalachia.

The project includes a two-record set and a four-part streaming docuseries set to debut in November 2024. Smoky Mountain DNA is not just a musical and visual experience but a passage through the lineage and ethos of a family that has deeply influenced one of America’s most beloved artists.

Two-record set

The two-album record set features duets performed by Dolly and various members of her extended family, spanning five generations. Archival recordings of beloved family members who have passed appear alongside contemporary contributions. The recordings celebrate their musical legacy and the deep familial bonds and cultural traditions that have shaped their lives.


The accompanying four-part docuseries offers an intimate look at the family’s historical journey from the British Isles to present-day East Tennessee, enriched by interviews with numerous family members. A particular focus is given to the Reverend Jake Owens, Dolly’s maternal grandfather, who instilled in his children and their descendants a deep love of music and storytelling, a profound respect for faith, and enduring family values.

Central to the docuseries are concert performances filmed at Knoxville’s historic Bijou Theater, where Dolly performs alongside many of the family members featured on the record.

These concerts interweave live performances with poignant narratives about these two families and their members, offering viewers a unique and personal glimpse into the stories and legacies of the Parton and Owens families.