City without a subway


In 1986, Nashville’s nascent alternative and DIY rock scene was sizzling hot. It seemed on the verge of a national break-out with the release a landmark compilation album of local acts, City Without A Subway, and two local showcase concerts that bookended the release of the LP. Steve Boyle, at the time a reporter for the country music cable channel The Nashville Network, convinced his bosses to cover the events and captured some electrifying images and music on tape.

Thirty-seven years later, Boyle uncovered the original live footage and interviews and brought three of the featured artists — Webb Wilder, Bill Lloyd, and (Parlor Films’) Richie Owens from the band The Movement into the studio for a look back at the time when Music City USA seemed on the verge of becoming “Rock City USA.”

Produced and directed by Boyle and presented by The Nashvillian magazine, City Without A Subway has won multiple awards at film festivals around the world.