Tradition, preservation, and innovation have always been integral parts of the Owepar musical DNA. That combination is reflected in both the musical output of family members and their collaborations with others through songwriting, performance, and innovation in recording. Owepar Records delivers the best in new music alongside carefully curated reissues of classic archival recordings.


Jada Star

“When I was in my late teens, my mom taught me three chords on the guitar and said, ‘Now you can put music to the poems you write because that’s what we do in this family.’” Singer, songwriter, and a poet blessed with an unusual degree of perception, Jada Star is more than living up to her given name of “Star” with songs that stay true to her own musical path while expanding the scope of her family legacy.

Richie Owens

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, recording engineer, radio DJ, luthier, film director, music business entrepreneur and innovator, country, bluegrass, alternative rock, power pop, blues, Americana — name it and Richie Owens has probably done it or played it in his incredible career, and he’s still doing it all while staying true to the family tradition.